Successful Candidates

The CSCP Board of Directors would like to congratulate the following individuals for successfully passing the 2019 CSCP Certification Exam. 

They will officially hold the designation – Clinical Perfusionist, Certified (CPC) starting July 1, 2020.

Connie Bird, CPC
Hsi An Chiu, CPC
Tyson Cooper, CPC
Tessandra Dmitrowicz, CPC
Karlee Nicole Fischer, CPC
Kenneth Gasser, CPC
Ryan Gillespie, CPC
Michael Hildebrandt, CPC
Olivia Ierfino, CPC
Rishi Andy Jurakhan, CPC
Jace Kenny, CPC
Christelle Keong, CPC
Ariel Deborah Kwaka, CPC
Adam Li, CPC
Zachary Lister, CPC
Juwan Ryu, CPC
Melissa Smith, CPC
Cara Summers, CPC
Steven Thiele, CPC