Successful Candidates

The CSCP Board of Directors and the Accreditation, Competency and Examination Committee (ACE) would like to congratulate the following candidates for successfully completing the 2023 National Certification Examination:

Vanika Aggarwal
Caitlin Bell
Sehaj Boparai
Gregory Castellano
Audrey Chabot
I Wen Evan Chen
Hayden Chow
Sienna Cole
Nolan Cooper (2023 Alec Thorpe Award Winner)
Mahmoud El-Hennawey
Patrick Evert
Camille Gagnon
Ray Krishnan
Sabrina Lee
Gina Malenki
Kiera McCahill
Matthew Montesano
Abdul-Aziz Murad
David Nguyen
Ramandip Randhawa
Sarah Sidarous
Holland Stuart
Amy Waters