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You may become a Student Member while enrolled in an accredited perfusion training institution.

You are encouraged to become a Student Member of the Society,  as certification is a required element for most hospitals in Canada.

As a Society Member, you receive a host of benefits to support your career growth and your success.  Being a Member places you on the Society's mailing list which keeps you in the loop on business affairs, exam and certification preparation, and future career and job opportunities.

After graduation of your training in an accredited perfusion training institution, you can then become an Associate Member of the Society.

ALL CSCP dues are payable by July 1 of each calendar year.

Annual membership dues are $75 for Student Members, and $350 for Associate Members.

This form is for Student or Associate memberships only.  After payment, your information will be assessed by the National Office, and you will be informed of your username and password for your profile.

If you were a previous member of the Society, and wish to reactivate your membership, please contact the National Office directly.

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