McGill University Health Centre

The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC, French: Centre universitaire de santé McGill) is one of the most innovative academic health centres in North America. It is located in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is a bilingual teaching hospital affiliated with McGill University and is one of the largest medical institutions in Canada. The hospital's primary mission is to provide inpatient and ambulatory care to its clientele in the downtown area as well as specialized and ultra-specialized services to the metropolitan and provincial population. More than 50% of patients to the MUHC come in as transfers, making the hospital one of the largest referral centres in Quebec.

The MUHC consists of six hospitals:  Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal Children’s Hospital, Montreal Chest Institute, Cedars Cancer Centre & the Research Institute all of which are consolidated at the Glen site (opened in April 2015). The Montreal General Hospital (designated trauma center), Montreal Neurological Hospital and the Lachine Hospital along with the Glen site now form interdependent components of the MUHC network. Together, they field 1,379 beds and employ 1,587 physicians, 2,650 researchers and educators, over 12,000 nurses, along with a large number of technicians and support staff, 1,200 graduate and post-doctoral students, over 1,200 volunteers and 11 perfusionists. Every year, more than 700,000 patients are admitted for care at the MUHC.

Between the adult site and the Children’s we have three cardiac operating rooms, as well as an emergency cardiac room, a hybrid room and a simulation center. We do about 1,000 open-heart surgeries (CABG, Valves, Dissection and congenital ), roughly about 5 LAFA’s, 15 ECMO’s , 1300 cell savers (open heart surgeries, liver transplant ,open AAA & trauma center), 30 TAVI’s, 20 Impella insertions (Cath Lab), 10 VAD’s and three Isolated limb infusion. We are on ECMO standby for High risk pregnant women and we are also involved with the follow-up of VAD patients in the heart failure clinic. Some of the equipment that we use are the Impella CP & 5.0, the Stockert Sorin S5 Heart-lung Machine, Cardio Save IABP, Centrimag, Heartware , HeartmateII, Berlin Heart, Cardiohelp, Fresenius and Autolog Cell Savers, Sorin Heater Cooler, Gem Blood Gas Machine, Medtronic ACT machine. Finally we are also a training site for students from The Michener Institute and The University of Montreal.