Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute

The Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute in Edmonton, Alberta, is a major cardiac surgery referral centre for Western Canada. Integrating the latest technology with health care expertise, the MAHI is recognized as a leader in innovation in clinical research, and excellence in patient care.
Our Operating Room consists of 6 dedicated cardiac surgery OR theatres, including a Hybrid Suite for combined interventional cardiology/cardiac surgery procedures. Our case load is approximately 1600 adult and 400 pediatric open heart surgical procedures each year, including heart and lung transplants, aortic arch reconstructions, TEVARs and TAVIs.  The MAHI also implants over 30 adult and pediatric VADs annually.  We additionally support upwards of 40 ECLS runs per year with multidisciplinary programs employing ECLS Specialist nurses and respiratory therapists.  Other services provided and supported by the MAHI Department of Clinical Perfusion Services include IABP support, autotransfusion, donor organ support for kidney and lung transplants, Nova-Lung interventional lung assist for respiratory and/or right ventricular failure, subcutaneous insufflation for major burn debridement, and coagulation testing with RoTEM.
Our equipment includes Stockert S5 CPB systems with Revolution centrifugal pump capability, CDI 500, and Sorin 3T H/C. Oxygenators in use include Dideco Avant and Eos for adults, Quadrox i-Neo and i-Ped for our pediatrics and Quadrox iD for ECLS, Arrow IABP consoles, and Fresenius CATS autotransfusion systems.  ECLS equipment includes both Stockert Revolution and Maquet Cardiohelp systems.  VADs currently in use include Heartmate II, Heartmate 3, Heartware, Centrimag, and Berlin Heart, with plans to implement the Syncardia BiVAD in the near future.
The MAHI Department of Clinical Perfusion is an accredited clinical training site, affiliated with both the BCIT and Michener Institute programs in Cardiovascular Perfusion education.
We currently have 15 FTE's staffed with 19 perfusionists in full-time, part-time, and casual positions.