CSCP National Meeting Sponsors

Thank you to all of our sponsors!

To our valued partners

Please note, that due to limited storage space at the Hotel Place d'Armes, the hotel has advised that large shipments are to be delivered and stored in the Jazz Ballroom (adjacent to the Bossa Ballroom) on Thursday, October 26. In addition to the setup hours on Friday, you will also have access to the Jazz Ballroom to unpack and assemble your equipment between 1800-2400 on Thursday, October 26. 

In lieu of the previously quoted $5/box and $75/skid per day handling fees, this storage option will only incur room rental fees. The flat rate is $125 per vendor (payable to CSCP) and includes storage commencing October 26th. Please note, that any corporate sponsor use/access to the Jazz Ballroom will be invoiced as per above, following the meeting. The hotel will allow items to stay in the Jazz Ballroom as storage until 12 p.m. on Monday, October 30th.  Please be advised all items must be picked up by shipping companies at this time.  If items are still on the premises, the hotel will be charging $75/skid and $5/box per day to hold these items.  Given this, please make early arrangements to have your items picked up by your shipping companies on time if you do not wish to be charged any additional fees.

Our hotel group coordinator is Maelys. Please email her at to arrange the shipment of your equipment. 

The Hotel and CSCP do not accept liability for equipment, goods, displays, or other materials which arrive or fail to arrive at the Hotel. The shipper is responsible for insuring its property for any loss or damage.

The shipper is responsible for re-boxing all equipment and material and preparing shipping documents at the end of the program. The Hotel is only responsible for ensuring that the shipment is sent. Labour charges will apply if the Hotel is required to prepare shipping documents.

When goods are not shipped domestically or within a single customs union, such as the European Union, the shipper is liable to pay any inbound duties and taxes which the local customs authority deems appropriate.

                  Industry participant's delivery/shipping information to the hotel can be downloaded here: