Associate Members List

Associate Members:  Any person not holding a Certificate from the Society who has paid the applicable annual dues and has received the approval of the Board.  Associate Members have a voice but no vote at meetings of the Society.

This list represents those perfusionists who are considered to be Associate Members by the Society. If further information is required, please contact the National Office directly.
    Associate Member
  • Brenna Anderson
  • Michael S. Aubin
  • Charlotte Baker
  • Kyrylo Chasovskyi
  • Hsi An Chiu
  • Allan Chiu
  • Steven Cornick
  • Sandra Gibb
  • Justine Hope
  • Carey Hummerston
  • Chelsea Jackman
  • Dwayne Jones
  • Adrian Kerr
  • Tyler Laird
  • David Martin
  • Andrew McMillan
  • AK Merchant
  • May Angela Nguyen-Vu
  • Elizabeth Nkroma-Mensah
  • Brian Redwood
  • Bhawandip Sandhu
  • Manpreet Sidhu
  • Jeff Swanson
  • Justin Tolsma
  • Olivia Zajac


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Perfusionists and their Heart-Stopping Work

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