Awards — National Office/VP Portfolio

Discipline — John Miller

Document Review — Jo-Anne Marcoux 

Legal Advisor — Glenn Hines
Medical Advisor — Dr. Louis Perrault

Nominations — Andy Curtis

Public & Corporate Relations — President Porfolio or designate   


National Office — Kathy Currado

Corporate Members — Michael Courtenay

Editor —  Roger Stanzel
                Editorial Advisors — TBA
Translation — Marie-France Raymond, Chair  
          — Alina Parapuf    
          — Marie-Eve Dufort   
          — Yannick Pinard       


Liaison to the ABCP — President Portfolio   

Liaison to Accreditation Canada (AC) — ACE Chair or designate  
      Progam Council Representative to Health Standards Organization (HSO) — Marlee Parker

Registrar — National Office/Executive Secretary Portfolio

Accreditation, Competency, Education (ACE) — Jackie Archibald, Chair
          — Sarah Monfils 
          — Helene Desrochers    
          — Kyle O'Scienny       
          — Marlee Parker
Liaison to International Consortium for Evidence Based Perfusion   (ICEBP) — Christos Calaritis 

Education Liaison from Michener — Graham Walsh                            
Education Liaison from University of Montreal — Marie-Soleil Brousseau                             
Education Liaison from BCIT —  Donnie Trostheim    

Perfusion Education Advisory Committee — Marie-Soleil Brosseau, Temporary Chair    


Professional Development & Regulory Affairs 
          — Ray van de Vorst
          — Maggie Savelberg
          — Andrew Beney
           Kathy Currado
          — Marie-France Raymond (French culture)

 CSCP Meeting Organizing Committee (CMOC)                                                     
— Greg Brown, Chair  
          — Annie Bedard, Co-Chair  
          — CSCP Treasurer  
          — Michael Courtenay, Corporate Liaison   
           Chris Fowlow/Steve Taylor, Eastern Region
          — Mark Vallelonga, Central Region
          — Savy Spada, Western  Region
          — Kathy Currado, National Office   

*if you wish to contact any of these committees please email the CSCP National Office here                   


2019 Regional Meeting
June 13 to 16, 2019
St. Andrews, New Brunswick


National Perfusion Survey Report 2017
Roger Stanzel, Mark Henderson

Abbott iStat for Blood Gas Analysis
Roger Stanzel, Mark Henderson


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